Sunday, June 22, 2008

Great Piano Moments I have heard

Martha Argerich playing the Chopin F-minor with the Minnesota (I was 16 and I think I fell in love)

Duke Ellington at Interlochen. His technique was not all it once was, but who cared...

Count Basie accompanying Ella Fitzgerald at Carnegie Hall.

Maurizio Pollini playing the Wanderer Fantasy at the Kennedy Center.

Two Rudolph Serkins: Beethoven Op. 81 and Schubert B-flat at Symphony Hall in Boston, Beethoven Op 53 at the Kennedy Center.

Ivan Morevic playing the Appasionata in Jordon Hall in Boston. He just exploded into the coda.

Bobby Short at the Cafe Carlyle, and at the Kennedy Center

Mitsuko Uchida playing Mozart (in particular the C-minor Fantasy and Sonata)at Strathmore, our magnificent new hall in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Alfred Brendal playing the List Sonata at the Kennedy Center

Strangely, I have never heard my favorite piece (The Goldberg Variations, with which I have something of an obsession) in concert. I can't wait to hear the Disney Hall.


doc said...

Bill Evans playing "Turn Out the Stars"(on The Final Village Vanguard Recordings, in 1980).

Dave Brubeck playing "Take Five," Live At Carnegie Hall.

Herbie Hancock--everything on Maiden Voyage...

And the beat goes on...

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