Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ofheo House Price Index Flattens

See House prices rose only 1.17 percent in the second quarter, according to the index. This is an increase that more or less keeps pace with inflation.

The Ofheo house price index is not, however, completely representative of the housing market. Ofheo tracks prices on houses financed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; Fannie and Freddie may only finance "conforming" loans, which are in 2006 defined as loans whose value is less than 417,000. This limit shuts Fannie and Freddie off from large parts of the California, Boston, New York and Washington housing markets; consequently, should these large markets go into the tank, their impact on the index will be muted.

The Case, Shiller, Weiss ( ) doesn't have this issue; nor, presumably, do the indexes that one can find in Zillow. The CSW Composite Index for 10 cities was completely flat in June.

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Dan said...

IAS360 House Price Index Provides First Monthly View of Housing Price Trends Based on Neighborhood Level Data.

Integrated Asset Services (IAS), a leader in default management and residential collateral valuation, just launched its monthly-reported IAS360 House Price Index

The new Index represents the industry’s first clear representation of U.S. housing market trends at a county level. IAS360 House Price Index is a comprehensive housing index tracking monthly change in the median sales price of detached single-family residences in more than 15,000 “neighborhoods” across the U.S. This data is then rolled up to report on the changes in 360 counties, nine census divisions, four regions, and the nation overall. The timeliness of the data, which is based on all arms-length transactions occurring in underlying neighborhoods, makes the IAS360 the leading indicator for housing price trends in the U.S. April Index: