Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What is it with these people?

I happened upon a poll on CNN last night. 79 percent of say they are Americans are OK with a woman president, 86 percent (I think) say they are OK with a black president. This means that somewhere between 21 and 35 percent of Americans think race or sex is a disqualification for President. Who are these people????


Anonymous said...

Someone tried to justify this by pointing out that women, for example, should not be president because they would lack credibility in other societies we deal with. I also remember the scuttlebutt about whether Condaleeza Rice was seeing less of the middle east for the same reason. Hillary made a great point in her response last night that she feels very comfortable dealing with all sorts of foreign representatives (but how comfortable are they with her? How seriously do they take her?)

Anonymous said...

And as Freakonomics points out, the results come out a lot differently at the polls vs initial surveys. You know, at least 21% of the people are honest about their fears. How many of the 80% are telling the truth? The polls will tell.

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