Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm on Matthew Kahn's side on this

Matthews cites Ed Mill's negative review of his own book, Green Cities, here:

In his defense of his own book, Matthew makes the point that if economists fail to engage environmentalists rhetorically, they will be ineffective. But I think there is a more important point that Mills (who is, indeed, a giant in our area) misses: that environmentalists are able to advance policies that are demonstrably damaging to the environment (such as fixed railed transit systems in low density cities, land use regulation that effectively decreases density, and an at times antediluvian hostility toward urban development) because economists have so little credibility with the general public on environmental matters. Matthew's life work has been about combining credible economics with credible environmentalism. For that, reviewers, no matter how influential, should be grateful.

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