Friday, June 20, 2008

Jumbo Conforming Spreads widen again

I looked at the Wells-Fargo web site this morning: the difference on APRS between jumbo and conforming 30-year fixed rate mortgages was 156 basis points.

I looked at the Citibank web site this morning: they were requiring five (five!) points to get a 30-year fixed rate mortgage; the difference in APRs was more than 200bp (and this assumes points are amortized over the full term of the loan--the real gap is actually larger).

I looked at the National City web site this morning: they are not quoting rates on jumbos.

Historically, the jumbo-conforming spread is less than 50 basis points. It is going to be very difficult for coastal markets to get unstuck so long as so much fear is gripping the market.


Anonymous said...

Many don't want them to get unstuck. They would prefer we come crashing down, down below the c-s trendline, down below the rent/buy ratio, down to where 5 or 10 percent down and decent credit will get you a liveable house in a neighourhood without regular gunplay.

Rhonda Porter CMPS said...

Chase seems to be the only bank that is offering a decent true jumbo rate (that's who I've been sending my jumbo loans to and using for my jumbo rate quote-posts).

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