Wednesday, June 18, 2008

La Campanella Liszt-Busoni Performed by Lhevinne

My freshman year college roommate introduced me to Lhevine's playing. I didn't much care for my freshman roommate, and when I for some unaccountable reason googled him, I saw that he gave money to Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth. But, he both motivated me to find great roommates (Curt, Harry, John and Jon) for my remaining college years; he also had great taste in pianists.


Uncle Billy Plays Mt. Pelerin said...

Thank you for introducing Josef Lhevinne, but is this really him playing?? Or is it his wife Rosina perhaps? Maybe Busoni?

According to this, there is only about 70 minutes of his recorded music known to exist, including one piece by liszt: "fruhlingsnacht"

For a vertical tasting:

Now for some curiousness: there's a website called which appears to plagiarizing your blog for the purposes of promoting an avionics company in florida, and a few real estate related companies in the UK. One of the RE sites is "" Notice the "Swift." is registered in the Phillipines, which a lot of internet marketing co's do.

Cesadim is an interesting name for a website. Could they have meant "chesadim"?

Anonymous said...

a little off topic, but this is what's coming out of the Lusk center?

I don't think he gets the other side of the equation. Wall street may be able and willing to buy mortgages again (non toxics) but isnt' he forgetting that no one has money for a down payment?

Not only are we a nation of non-savers, that people out there are in horrendous debt? I guess predictions are free, but unfounded optimism does not do much for your credibility.

Uncle Billy Etc. said...

Here, check this out.

Symposium has a cd called "Piano Rolls and Discs - Selected Comparisons" Included on the cd is La Campanella performed by Lhevinne. Have a listen and then let me know if you think this could possibly be the same artist/recording.

Here's some evidence that he did indeed record Campanella on an Ampico roll:

Richard K. Green said...

On the one hand, we know Lhevine made a piano roll recording of the piece. On the other hand, the ink to youtube and this:
( are obviously different recordings. I like both, but now we have a mystery. I need to do some research...

As to whether I am being plagiarized, I suppose if I am I should be flattered :).

Uncle Billy, P.I. said...

The copy of your blog appears to be a technique used to bump websites up in search results.
The various companies are paying an "SEO" (search engine optimizer) to seed the web with their url's and achieve higher rankings by making it appear as if they're organic. (Gaming google, yahoo, etc.)

It's probably automated -- a spider goes out and finds blogs, recreates them with the company url's embedded in them, and then they shoot it out with a pre-purchased domain name.

The biggest abuser seems to be ebay. When I do a search, more and more I'm getting some dummy site at the tops of the results and when you click on it it takes you to an ebay ad.