Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Natural Experiments in the Marginal Productivity of Labor

Tiger Woods made everyone in my family a golf fan. Before Tiger, I might watch the last round of the British Open, but that was about it (I know the Masters is the truly great tournament, but even when Tiger plays in it, it is too stuffy for me to enjoy).

My suspicion is that we are not alone. So the first difference in television ratings between last year's British Open and this year's might help establish a lower bound for Woods' marginal productivity. A robustness check will be the first difference between this year and next year. (I have tried to find how ratings points translate into advertising rates per minute, so far without success).


Uncle B Putts said...

Check in with the Donald on that one. He's got both the golf and ratings covered.

Also, in other Donald news, his plans for a grand golf course in Scotland seemed to have hit a snag. Apparently there's a farmer who owns land the farmer needs. The farmer refuses to sell to him because the Donald is just too obnoxious.

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