Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A visiting ghost?

Statcounter lets me know more or less from where my blog visitors come, and it is fun to see I have visitors from Singapore to Duluth. But a weird one turned up when I looked tonight--Arthur Anderson. I didn't think it existed anymore, unless Accenture has the url of the old accounting business.


Uncle Billy Climbs Mt. Pelerin said...

From wikipedia:

As of 2008, Arthur Andersen LLP has not been formally dissolved nor has it declared bankruptcy. Ownership of the partnership has been ceded to four limited liability corporations named Omega Management I through IV.

This wikipedia thing is even better than the internet.

homer said...

good day from duluth!

Excellent blog. Among other positive attributes, you bring a well reasoned discussion of real estate economics to a sea of hysteria.

Richard K. Green said...

Duluth is a terrific small city. People are awfully nice, and it sits on a bluff with a spectacular view of Lake Superior. I must confess, though, that I have only been there in the summer.

homer said...

The winters are beautiful too and the lake does have warming effect. But, the winters are much more cold and windy than madison. If you like winter sports its worth it.

I've also lived in Miami, San Francisco, Cleveland, Kansas City. I think SF has the most to offer within a reasonable drive, but schools are a major problem as is cost of living and traffic/crowds. Cleveland probably has the best overall value, but for a family Duluth offers alot and traffic is incredibly light. I never drive more than 15 minutes unless i want to head up to the north shore or the boundary waters.

I considered a job in LA, but couldn't stand the smog, traffic or crowds. The variety of cultures, environment and people largely make up for it though.

I hope you enjoy LA.

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