Thursday, July 02, 2009

What's wrong with being funny?

A Minnesota Republican today said something to the effect that Norm Coleman should not run for governor of Minnesota, because he could not even beat Al Franken--i.e., a comedian.

Some of the smartest and wisest people in history, though, have also been very funny. Shakespeare was funny. Benjamin Franklin was funny. Mark Twain was funny. Will Rogers was funny. Jon Stewart is funny. My wife is funny. And I would take any one of them over the vast majority of current Senators. Of the Senate's many problems, one near the top of the list is how seriously Senators take themselves; how utterly bereft of humor they are (and this is a bipartisan affliction). I hope very much that Franken takes his job seriously, and I think he will. But I also hope he stays funny.

[Update: I somehow forgot to mention that Abe Lincoln was very funny. Enough said.]


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