Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I have a question for Senator Grassley

Does he really believe that all the white guys he has voted for "set aside [their] personal preferences and prejudices?"


Anonymous said...

Well of course, because over the last 500 years white guys have treated everybody fairly, and are now under attack. Just ask all those women, blacks people, and Asians. Never mind various indigenous people throughout the world.

And by the way white judges never say anything stupid. Especially about gender or race.

Anonymous said...

Also, it is now clear that Lindsey Graham is a reverse racist.

Unknown said...

If you think economics is hard to figure out, try to figure out Iowa. Representative Steven "I think we should put up an electric fence on the border since this is how we control livestock inI Iowa" and we dont need a plaque about slaves building the White House vs Barack Obama's Caucus victory.

Anonymous said...


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