Monday, May 28, 2007

C Students

I think C students can be divided into roughly three types.

The first type sees the universe through a different prism than most of us, and often has wonderful insights that do not translate well to the stylized task of exam writing. I am grateful for these C students.

The second type must deliver pizza and clean bathrooms to pay for tuition, and so has compromised time and energy with which to do school work. I am grateful for these C students as well.

The third type is lazy, arrogant and uncaring. I was thinking about this third type while sitting on the lawn at Wolftrap for Prairie Home Companion the other day. Garrison Kieler was reading hellos to service members in Iraq and Afghanistan from their family members in the audience, and I found myself misting up a bit as I listened. The habits of the third type of C student has placed more than 150,000 young men and women in far more danger than they need to be, and those same habits are keeping them in danger longer than necessary.


Anonymous said...

Just another 17 months to go! A lot can happen in that time, unfortunately, while attentions are focused on inflow of cash.

Admin said...


You bring up an awesome point! I actually wrote an article on my blog echoing the same points. Feel free to check it out! The post it titled "The World Is Ruled By "C Students""

Scott Bradley

Unknown said...

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