Friday, November 21, 2008

Brad Delong Blogs on Luck and Laptops

Both of this posts his morning hit me where I live.

Although Brad writes about blogger luck, those of us with tenure at good universities are also very lucky indeed.  When I think about all the ways I was blessed with good fortune to get here...

He also writes about Macbooks.  My 5 year old Sony Vaio (which I actually loved) had slowed to a crawl, and no fix seemed to speed it up.  So I took the plunge and ordered a Macbook from  I have had it for three days now.  It really is a superior product. 


Anonymous said...

after Verizon disconnected my DSL and connected FIOS my wife's computer refused to connect to the network, wireless or ethernet. After a few fruitless days of trying to make it work I downloaded Ubuntu Linux and installed that on her machine. It now connects fine. I'd suggest an Ubuntu Linux install for any Windoze machine that you might otherwise abandon. Works like a charm. She still has a Windoze partition as a safety blanket, but she hasn't used it in months.

Anonymous said...

Windows and negative GDP are highly correlated.

A friend of mine got frustrated with her sony laptop, went out and got a macbook, but since the "genius bar" couldn't transfer her email the macbook just sits there, like an expensive paperweight.

If you need to use the windows machine there is really only one sane strategy:

1) Backup all data
2) "Nuke and Pave" -- that is, format hard drive, reinstall windows, drivers and applications
3) Copy over needed data

Anywhere from $120-$300 usually, but often a wise investment.

Unknown said...

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