Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hollywood Mystery Solved

Two things (ok more than two things, but two things for now) about LA puzzle me. The first thing is that men who constantly have stubble on their chin are considered attractive here. The second thing is they constantly have that stubble.

I think I figured out how they do it. Last Christmas, my daughters gave me a Norelco electric shaver. It is very nice, but I had been neglecting its upkeep recently, and so the blades got kind of clogged up with clippings. If one shaves with a clogged Norelco shaver, one gets perfect Hollywood stubble!

BTW, after seeing the results, I cleaned out the razor and shaved again. A couple of years ago, while on vacation, I went a few days without shaving. My daughters told me I looked awful.


Anonymous said...

Women seem to think that razor stubble is sexy. I don't get it.

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Uncle Billy, Mental Widget said...

A facial real estate and urban pilinomics post if there ever was one.

I think there might be some bias in your study due to the neandrathal nature of the typical male usc student.

(Sorry, that was my silliness for the year).

Anonymous said...

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