Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fred Barnes, Bill Bennett, Jeff Rosen and Newt Gingrich are not very bright

Barnes predicted a McCain victory last fall. Despite going to an exclusive prep school and not having much competition from minorities and no competition from women, he did not go to Princeton.

Bennett has not figured out that on average, you lose at casinos. He must not be very good at counting.

Rosen teaches at George Washington. I used to teach at GW, and so am living proof that you don't need any special intellect or wisdom to teach there.

Gingrich taught at the University of West Georgia (the US one, not the Caucuses one).

The thing that makes them all really less than bright: they have made arguments even dumber than those I just made above.

p.s. Rush Limbaugh is not dumb. He is brilliant at parlaying the insecurities of white men (we are very sensitive) into gobs of money.


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