Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jan Brueckner and Bob Helsley find that subsidized sprawl produces urban blight

Jan presented the paper at the first annual UCLA-UCI-USC real estate research day. The finding was straightforward but still interesting: if congestion for commuting to the suburbs is not priced at marginal cost, the urban center will be maintained at less than the social optimum, so the housing stock in the center will deteriorate below the social optimum.

For those who worry about whether this implies that taxing sprawl will reduce the stock of affordable housing, Jan points out that the mechanism for making housing cheaper is greater residential density: with optimal taxation of congestion, one gets very small high quality housing units in the center city.


Anonymous said...

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commercial real estate said...

it sounds good...we'll see if this can have a big impact..

Anonymous said...

台灣處亞熱帶最適於它的繁殖,危害最嚴重的有家白蟻及大和白蟻。在每年四月至九月間,一大群白蟻集體飛出巢穴追逐(颱風或大雨來臨之前)雌雄配對後,迅速地脫落翅膀, ... 在台灣,住的房子雖多為鋼筋水泥,但早期居住的木造房子,就常受到白蟻的侵蝕。

Unknown said...


Is the paper (or presentation) available anywhere?


Richard Green said...

Sotogrande Estate said...

with optimal taxation of congestion, one gets very small high quality housing units in the center city.Thanks for this suggestion.

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