Saturday, February 27, 2010

Some Hollywood Facts I learned yesterday at the Lusk Rena Sivitanidou Research Symposium

From Elizabeth Currid Halkett I learned that the two most strongly connected cities (in terms of propensity to show up in Getty Images) are LA and New York, with LA and London second.

From Michael Storper (UCLA), I learned that while film production is increasingly outsourced, creative film talent is increasingly concentrated in LA.

From Matt Kahn I learned that movie stars get no more when they sell their houses than anyone else.

I will report on non-Hollywood related issues later.


Anonymous said...

The stars don't get any more when they sell their homes but I bet they overpaid when they bought them.

Interesting blog BTW.

John said...

I hope there could be a win-win situation even if they're stars or not.