Friday, August 12, 2011

William Malkasian

My boss from 1987-1990, while I was finishing my dissertation and before I became an assistant professor, was Bill Malkasian. Bill introduced me to the world of real estate, and for that I will be ever grateful.

When I think of the people in the world who have taught me a lot, only members of my family supersede Bill. He helped me learn, in the phrase of Paul Krugman, how to "listen to the gentiles." He also helped make me a more sympathetic person, and allowed me to appreciate skills in others that I would otherwise have not appreciated.

Bill is leaving his position as president of the Wisconsin Realtors Association after more than 30 years in order to provide strategic planning consulting to real estate groups around the country (Bill also taught me the value of strategic planning). WRA will miss him a lot, but the rest of the country will be better off.


william malkasian said...

Your very kind Richard and I am forever grateful for our friendship

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Unknown said...

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