Thursday, November 03, 2011

Pulling out David Min's Graph from Mike Konczal's piece

Beyond reproducing Mike's post, I want to underline this graph from David Min:

This punches a hole in the argument that Pinto and Wallison make that Fannie and Freddie were making "dangerous loans" when they moved to higher LTV and lower FICO lending.  Their models allowed for offsets--if one had a very low LTV, one could get by with a relatively low FICO, and vice versa.  The private label market allowed for lending standards that were crappy in all dimensions.


johnynrockers said...

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David Barker said...


Thanks for these two posts. I agree that many people have been too quick to blame everything on the GSEs and CRA.

But do you believe that there still would have been a housing bubble and crash in the absence of government policies promoting homeownership?

Unknown said...

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