Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good news and bad news on race and housing

Ed Glaeser and Jake Vigdor find that all-white neighborhoods are a thing of the past.  They find:

  • The most standard segregation measure shows that american cities are now more integrated than they’ve been since 1910. Segregation rose dramatically with black migration to cities in the mid-twentieth century. On average, this rise has been entirely erased by integration since the 1960s.
  • All-white neighborhoods are effectively extinct. A half-century ago, one-fifth of America’s urban neighborhoods had exactly zero black residents. Today, African-American residents can be found in 199 out of every 200 neighborhoods nationwide. The remaining neighborhoods are mostly in remote rural areas or in cities with very little black population.
  • Gentrification and immigration have made a dent in segregation. While these phenomena are clearly important in some areas, the rise of black suburbanization explains much more of the decline in segregation.
  • Ghetto neighborhoods persist, but most are in decline. For every diversifying ghetto neighborhood, many more house a dwindling population of black residents.
That said, Andy Reschovsky sends me to the most recent US Census Homeownership and Vacancy Report, which shows the ration of black to white ownership rates fell from .643 in 2006 to .617 in 2011; for hispanics, the fall was from .651 to .632.


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james said...

Let me tell you something about the post that outlines the disparities between whites blacks other racial groups when it comes to home lending and the high failer rate on their loans. This does not suprise me that their would be favoritism here. Not at all. Look at who works at a bank its mostly white as far as junior or senior employees go. And in the higher incomes areas that is outer suburbs. Its always a freaked face kid about 28 or so that your dealing with if your a minority trying to get a mortgage in a affluent area in the suburbs somewhere. Does not suprise me that someone of a different class would look upon minorities as suspect borrowers maybe not always on purpose but it certainly happens. They would almost certainly favor someone of their own race simply because their not exposed to members of minorities if they live in a heavily white area out in the suburbs somewhere. Im sure Now If someone in the real estate business reads this they will most likly dismiss everything Im saying here. But the fact of the matter is if you are a member of a minority as opposed to a non minority adjusted for employment history education and all other factors. You will have a harder time otaining a mortgage than a non minority that is not any better qualified every single study thats been done on this issue has shown that is a fact it has been clearly proven time and time and time again. Minority borrowers were disproportionately targeted by subprime predatory lenders during the housing boom and bust that is pathetic.

Unknown said...

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