Thursday, August 02, 2012

I don't understand Glenn Hubbard's Arithmetic

He says he wants federal spending to be reduced to 20 percent of GDP, along with "revenue-neutral" tax reform.  (I think revenue-neutral tax reform is code for reducing the after-tax income of the bottom half of the country further, because after all, Wall Street has suffered too much at the hands of ...well, never mind that for now).

The problem is that according to OMB, current revenues are less than 16 percent of GDP (see Table 1.2).  So is Hubbard advocating a steady-state budget deficit to GDP ratio of four percent per year in perpetuity?  


ProGrowthLiberal said...

Great catch! Of course, Romney won't get those offsets so his proposed tax cuts will lower tax revenues. And I doubt they will get spending down to 20% of GDP. But Glenn tells us that they will get magic GDP growth as their deficit increasing proposals will somehow magically reduce the deficit and allegedly crowd-in investment (or was that crowding-out).

Bob said...

Politics and arithmetic never go well together unfortunately. It's bad for us home owners who'd like nothing more than to have a home makeover and home extensions.

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