Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Mark Thoma on Moving and Economic Development

Around 18 months ago he wrote:

…I struggle with this one a little bit. Should we, as official policy, expect people to move when things get bad - to leave their family and friends, to move away from the place they grew up and put their kids into new schools - or should government try to find a way to attract new business and provide enough jobs for residents? The latter strategy isn't always feasible, sometimes changes are permanent and nothing can be done about that, and attracting business is difficult in any case. When it isn't feasible, when change that is out of their control forces people to uproot and relocate, shouldn't we do what we can to help with the transition?

But I'm not sure what role the government should play in these cases. The difficulty that comes from leaving a place where you've lived a long time isn't just from home ownership, though that certainly contributes, so simply promoting more renting or even making it easier to sell a home won't fully resolve this "stickiness". If we want to encourage faster adjustment, then to help ease the transition I'd certainly be in favor of generous tax advantages for middle and lower income households who are willing to relocate if we can structure the policies to avoid the distortions that tax breaks for relocating create (e.g., we don't want people moving just to get tax breaks).

But tax breaks aren't the only possibility. Many families won't even move across town while their kids are in school because even if they are willing to provide transportation, the kids cannot stay at the same school due to residency requirements. Reexaming rules such as these could help promote labor market flexibility without costing taxpayers much. The point is that we can do a lot more than we do now to facilitate the transition for families willing to relocate for economic reasons and hopefully, when the administration changes after the next election, domestic issues such as these will receive much more attention than they have in recent years.


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