Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bias and Media venue

Rush Limbaugh symbolizes Talk Radio; DailyKos symbolizes the Blogosphere. One could tell a variety of stories (and many have) about why this is true.

But there is another relationship between media venue and ideology where it would be harder to tell a story. Daily newspapers seem more conservative that the alternative weeklies (the one exception, perhaps, is that in my old town of Madison, the weekly paper, Isthmus, was a little less knee-jerk than the afternoon daily, the Capital Times. On the other hand, it was well to the right of the daily that people actually read, the Wisconsin State Journal. Isthmus was also the best paper in town). Put from another perspective, I have never seen a widely read weekly with conservative inclinations. One could speculate why this is the case--for example, writers for the weeklies don't get paid much. But from what little I know about the newspaper business, outside of the most famous papers, reporters for dailies don't get paid much either.


Robert Boyd said...

The New York Press ( is pretty conservative. I think their idea was to offer a real alternative to the Village Voice. As far as I know, it is the exception, and in the few cities that have more than one alternative newsweekly, the split us usually between fairly professional and liberal (often owned by a chain like Village Voice Media) and somewhat amateurish and radical (and locally owned).

Unknown said...

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