Sunday, December 30, 2007

Links to Cousins!

My counsin Jon's site:

My cousin Scott's site:

If other cousins have sites, I will link to them too.


Anonymous said...

If we're to believe informed experts, all of us are cousins! That's a lot of links {smile}

Sorry to stray from the topic of the post: was curious about your thoughts on "econophysics" and its role in a recession or depression if we are due for one in coming months or years.

I noticed that, for instance, Goldman Sachs employs some physicists-by-training to guide their investments. I also noticed that they are one of the few companies that have benefited from a melt-down. Are they onto something, or just cognizant of the fact that physicists tend to be very bright folks. Seems that part of building an entity that can command markets is to present the image of a having a deep understanding of how markets work. But smart folks come from all walks of life. Do you think they have the physicists there to simply enhance their credibility? Something along the lines of: "We are using the latest lessons from quantum mechanics to model future inefficiencies... etc." -- as a way of obfuscating the fact that Wall Street is all about perceptions, and the biggest moneymakers are the ones who understand greed best?

Unknown said...

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