Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ten Favorite Classical Recordings (as of today)

Something to think about while procrastinating:

Beethoven, Symphonies 5 and 7, Kleiber, VPO, DGG
Bach, Goldberg Variations, Schiff, Decca
Shubert, Symphony 9, Giulini, Chicago Symphony, DGG (Very weird, but I love it)
Mahler, Symphony 9, Haitink, Concertgebouw, Philips
Brahms, Piano Concerto 1, Serkin, Szell, Cleveland, Columbia
Hildegard of Bingen, 11,000 Virgins, Chants for the Feast of St. Ursala, Anonymous 4, Harmonia Mundi
Stravinky, The Rite of Spring, Davis, Concertgebouw, Philips
Beethoven, String Quartet, Op. 131, Tokyo Quartet, RCA
Mozart, Piano Sonata in c, K 310, Uchida, Philips
Chopin, Polonaises, Pollini, DGG

By next week, the list could be completely different.

1 comment:

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