Friday, December 21, 2007


Both Brad Delong and the Wall Street Journal have written about neckties. The Delong post is here:

And the Wall Street Journal Article is here:

Personally, I love neckties. In general, men are allowed to wear four colors--black, gray, blue and brown--and black and gray aren't really colors, and I don't like brown. Ties allow men to wear something red, or yellow, or purple, or green, or even pink. For this reason alone I hope they never go away--Obama notwithstanding.

I did learn from the Journal, though, that when visiting Islamic countries, I should wear some kind of wool or cotton tie; the key is to avoid silk.


Unknown said...

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Tony Gosling said...

I find ties are one of the few opportunities for men to show some flair and personality in otherwise formal office wear. We have some great silk ties at

Neckties said...

Personally I love neckties,
in a boring office atmosphere, they often are the only thing that can add a little spice and can be used to easily start up a convo :)